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Safety bars – Shower cabin

Walk in showers are trendy, partially closed by a glass are different from the classic that are completely closed by a shower, the glazed part from the possibility of entering from one side and exit from the other (from here walk in). Or on one side with only one access. Almost always the shower tray is no longer installed, as the floor becomes one with the surface making it homogeneous throughout the room (just a bit of slope for the drain for the water). Under the architectural point of view without the dish and the lack of the shower box the bathroom space becomes wider, so positioned in the right way the walk in are suitable environments of all sizes.
We suggest for small bathrooms to place the glazed part in the shorter side. For larger bathrooms we recommend central models.
In the following photos some examples of realizations with accessories that you find in the pages.


Nelle foto di seguito alcuni esempi di realizzazioni con accessori che trovi nelle pagine.

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