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Shower Aqva Soft (Shower enclosure with soft close)

AQVA SOFT is the innovative sliding system that allows the creation of fully enclosed shower enclosures, made of aluminum, with SOFT-CLOSE double action both in opening and closing and offers unique characteristics. Great robustness of the system that also allows the creation of very wide doors with maximum stability guaranteed by the soft-close kits with 6-wheel driven carriages that avoid the oscillations of the glass during the movement complete with eccentric fasteners that allow adjustment. Reduced the space between fixed glass and sliding door in order to limit the overall dimensions. No visible mechanical element, even inside the shower cabin. The different sets of profiles are used in conjunction with the sliding kit BDS210.1 and BDS210.2, respectively for shower cubicles up to 1200 mm and up to 2200 mm, all equipped with soft-close. Length of bars 1450 and 2200 mm. Vertical compensating profiles with built-in gasket. Optional two different floor finishing systems.

Recommended for the final cleaning the use of L ‘AQVA CLEAN (testo linkabile al prodotto nella pagina di appartenenza) Professional spray with high detergent action, deep clean and fast that leaves no streaks. The AQVA PRO (testo linkabile al prodotto nella pagina di appartenenza) is the anti-limescale treatment for glass that allows you to have an always clean shower box. The high-tech nano-molecule product allows the reduction of limescale cleaning of the shower enclosure and therefore of aging

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