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The balustrades and the shelter ALUVETRO

The balustrades and the shelter ALUVETRO
Thanks to the use of glass, maximum formal cleanliness is guaranteed in new construction, renovation and building restoration projects: they are available with or without handrails, according to a system that can be customized in over twenty different architectural and chromatic combinations.
The balustrade system, tested in certified laboratories, is composed of different elements (profile, fixing system, casing, laminated and tempered glass) designed to ensure ease and speed of assembly and an ideal aesthetic for the world of contemporary architecture.
The suspended shelter is the natural evolution of the classic version equipped with tie rods, with certified capacity and tempered and laminated glass.
The advantages of the GARDA balustrades and LAMINA shelter
The GARDA balustrade
– Easy and quick assembly
– Maximum transparency for an excellent view
– Excellent brightness of the premises
-The smooth surface does not allow children to climb
– Excellent noise reduction
-Maintenance limited to cleaning only
– System tested in certified laboratories
– The profile allows water to be drained
– Customization of glass finishes
– Customization of the crankcase colors
– Possible inclusion of strip led
The LAMINA shelter
Shelter in glass, also ideal as a screen on entrances or windows: it is suitable for use as a sunshade element to meet energy performance standards

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